WM Summit Zurich

With the presentation “Digital Resilience in the Financial World” Markus Walch from Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank and Florian Gutglück from concedro GmbH presented their view on this regulation and possible approaches at the WM-Summit in Vaduz and Zurich respectively.

Thanks to BZ live for the great format and networking opportunity, including a spontaneous short visit (Georg Eisel, Stephan Mänecke and Armin Binsteiner) to the “Zurich Film Festival”.

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WM Summit Vienna 2023

The Vienna Financial Data Summit 2023 is led by renowned experts from the financial industry and covers the currently most important topics. This event serves as a meeting point for experts and practitioners from the fields of finance, science and regulation.  Some of our experts from concedro were also present. Helge Taube (concedro) and Dr. Wolfgang Göb (SDS) led a captivating dialogue discussion on ESG, ranging from concrete data points to deep philosophical questions about sustainability. Dr. Cornelia Schlundt (dabit Analytics) and Florian Gutglück (concedro) presented an exciting keynote on the topic of DORA to clearly illustrate the contents of the new EU regulation to the participants and to show the large-scale impact within the financial industry.


concedro is official jersey sponsor 2023 of the DJK Gütersloh dance group Ease

The performance-oriented formation aged 13 – 17 has been actively participating in the league since 2015.  Ballet and various technique units as a basis are trained weekly. In addition to the choreography, which is presented at the tournaments of the respective season. The dance group was newly formed this year and new training suits were needed for the dance competitions, which concedro provided as part of the sponsorship. / Instagram


concedro goes east

For the year 2023 it means “concedro goes east”. Due to renovation and modernisation work at Ulmenstraße 22, we will have to say goodbye to the Westend this year. For that time we will share the office space with dabit Analytics GmbH at Lindleystraße 12 in Frankfurt’s Ostend. We are looking forward to the change of scenery and our return to the Westend in 2024.

concedro GmbH
Lindleystraße 12
60314 Frankfurt am Main


concedro supports Girls Hacker-School

Through ZONTA, we support the Hacker School ( and here specifically a format for girls in Hamburg. A GIRLS Hacker School event will take place at a “hotspot school”.

The idea is to introduce girls to computer science and programming in a fun and playful way, especially those who come from a socio-economically difficult environment and cannot easily afford the fees for such a course.

Under the motto: “GIRLS can do IT”, ZONTA and the Hacker School want to motivate girls to put aside their possible shyness about the IT world, try out new things and perhaps discover unknown talents.


Bandsupporter Rhein Main Neckar e.V. – concedro is official sponsor 2022

Bandsupporter offers newcomer bands from the Rhine-Main-Neckar metropolitan region a platform and helps them fairly and free of charge to gain a solid position in the music business, even in these challenging times, and the opportunity to interact with fans. As a sponsor, we help to ensure that artists and bands do not fall into oblivion and retain their motivation to achieve their musical dreams and goals.

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Economic Summit Germany: New Start

concedro as part of the initiative #datavaluethinking supports the Economic Summit Germany.

The Economic Summit Germany in the impressive location of SpVgg Greuther Fürth. The organisation team around Mr. Marcel Riwalsky (DA! GmbH) and Mr. Thomas Balgheim (#datavaluethinking) made an event possible, like before Corona.

Armin Binsteiner supported the panel with the topic: “The value of data – a 360-degree view of digitalisation, technology and sustainability. What works, what are the benefits, where does data matter, why does data matter?”

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