Bandsupporter Rhein Main Neckar e.V. – concedro is official sponsor 2024

Bandsupporter has been supporting bands from the Rhine-Main-Neckar region since 2006 and sees itself as a “pre-label label”.

They try to support the best bands with gigs, organisation, tips and more so that they become interesting for labels or can organise themselves more professionally and more effectively.


Annual kick-off event for company pensions

Concedro would like to thank the Pensions-Akademie e.V. for the successful “Annual kick-off event for company pension schemes” in the new historic centre of Frankfurt am Main. The event offered informative presentations and an excellent opportunity for networking. Of course, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) was also a key topic. Representatives from BVV Versicherungsverein des Bankgewerbes and colleagues from concedro reported on their practical experiences.

concedro offers pragmatic and professional solutions for coping with DORA, which aim to significantly reduce set-up and realisation times, especially for small and medium-sized financial companies or ICT service providers.



Depositaries and KVG Summit 2024

concedro GmbH was not only a sponsor of the Faros & BZ live Depositaries and KVG Summit 2024, but also actively involved. Under the moderation of Detlef Fechtner, editor-in-chief of Börsen-Zeitung, experts such as Ralf Spöth from Profidata Services AG, Christian Goddon from UI-Labs and a representative of concedro GmbH discussed exciting topics on a technology panel. Among other things, they discussed the challenges faced by market players with regard to regulatory requirements and investor information.

In particular, it was emphasised how the efficient use of technologies such as AI, cloud computing, blockchain/DLT, cyber security and sustainable solutions can be beneficial. concedro offers extensive expertise to address such issues in asset management and is available for further technical discussions.



concedro says thank you

concedro would like to thank you for a positive, eventful and varied year. Special thanks go to the great team at concedro, which successfully drove numerous projects forward and brought them to the finish line.

In 2023, the concedro team took part in the B2run, the Bürostadtlauf and a fun regatta from Kiel to Kappeln. Cooking together under the guidance of the Genussakademie and a wonderful concedro birthday party complete the picture.



28. WM-Customer Forum

concedro GmbH was actively represented at the 28th Customer Forum organised by WM Datenservice. The event offered interesting presentations on various topics such as AI and motivational factors in life. Experts such as Katharina Schueller and Hans Kammerlander shared their insights. In addition, concedro employees were praised for their explanations of DORA and ESG, highlighting it as a first-class contact for solutions in this area.

Special thanks to the organisers and all participants, including Börsen-Zeitung LIVE, Börsen-Zeitung, NeoXam, FIS and others. Daniel Stieglitz, who created numerous caricatures as a quick-draw artist, was a particular highlight at the customer forum.



WM Summit Zurich

With the presentation “Digital Resilience in the Financial World” Markus Walch from Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank and Florian Gutglück from concedro GmbH presented their view on this regulation and possible approaches at the WM-Summit in Vaduz and Zurich respectively.

Thanks to BZ live for the great format and networking opportunity, including a spontaneous short visit (Georg Eisel, Stephan Mänecke and Armin Binsteiner) to the “Zurich Film Festival”.

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WM Summit Vienna 2023

The Vienna Financial Data Summit 2023 is led by renowned experts from the financial industry and covers the currently most important topics. This event serves as a meeting point for experts and practitioners from the fields of finance, science and regulation.  Some of our experts from concedro were also present. Helge Taube (concedro) and Dr. Wolfgang Göb (SDS) led a captivating dialogue discussion on ESG, ranging from concrete data points to deep philosophical questions about sustainability. Dr. Cornelia Schlundt (dabit Analytics) and Florian Gutglück (concedro) presented an exciting keynote on the topic of DORA to clearly illustrate the contents of the new EU regulation to the participants and to show the large-scale impact within the financial industry.