WM-Kundenforum with concedro

The 25. WM-Kundenforum took place in November 2018 in Frankfurt. The WM-Kundenforum encourages the communication of clients, partner and WM Datenservice, an European platform for regulatory documents. Along with an own representative counter, concedro also hosted a performance of poetry slamer Jakob Schwerdtfeger (Jey Jey Günderling) – an eloquent mixture of freestyle rap and and humorous lyrics. This brightened the transfer to the well known Klassikstadt.


concedro hiking offsite

In October, the concedro team went to a sportive hiking offsite to the felsenmeer in the Odenwald. Shrouded in legends, the felsenmeer delivered material for the stonecutter during the roman empire. Nowadays, it is a popular recreation area and nature reserve »Felsenmeer bei Reichenbach«. Fresh air, sportive hiking and diversified content got the concedro team excited.


Banks caught between today and tomorrow:

Low usage of financial advisory by high earners, pure digital advisory declined.

High earners are popular customers of financial service providers. How do investors use the investment possibilities today and what are they wishing for future? We can’t determine the future. That’s why we asked over 1000 interested people, which kind of financial advisory they wish for the future. The results are surprising. Only few banks are prepared for these wishes. Hybrid is not only automobile industry. Click below for details of the Study engaged by concedro and Ortec Finance and conducted by the research institute YouGov. concedro-Marktbefragung.pdf


concedro sponsors the handball club HSG Mörfelden/Walldorf

concedro has been active in sports sponsoring since the beginning of the year. The partnership with the handball team HSG Mörfelden/Walldorf includes the sponsoring of the teams jerseys . Teamwork and dynamics are important attributes of handball, which fit in with concedro’s values perfectly. We are very proud to be partners of this team and are looking forward to many exciting matches in the future.

PRIIPs: If the information sheet contains a comprehensibility warning, there is a communication issue.

The acronym may sound quite onomatopoetic and leave the impression of speed – in reality, the upcoming introduction of “PRIIPs” for the investment and insurance industry has more than just one catch to it. The most severe critic is that the new basic information documents for Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products lack the qualities for which they are supposed to be launched: transparency, comparability and, most of all, comprehensibility.

For detailed information please refer to: PRIIPs.pdf


concedro Segel Offsite

In August, the Concedro team traveled to the Netherlands to do a sailing trip again this year. Together with the ship’s crew, the sails of the “Admiraal van Kinsbergen” were hoisted and the ship was skillfully manoeuvred through the sea. The 50-metre-long “Admiraal van Kinsbergen” first transported cargoes between the Netherlands and Germany in 1891. The Concedro team enjoyed the short break and is already looking forward to the next trip.

Opening of concedro branch in Düsseldorf

We are happy to announce the opening of our newest concedro GmbH branch on 1. Oktober 2017 in Düsseldorf. Our postal address is:
concedro GmbH | Königsallee 61 | 40215 Düsseldorf


Event Börsenzeitung – Digital Transformation Of Investment Advice

concedro takes part in the Börsenzeitungsevent “Digital Transformation Of Investment Advice” in Frankfurt am Main as a main sponsor. concedro did a presentation, took part in the panel discussion and prepared an exhibition stand. Frederick Lutterbeck (Business Expert, concedro GmbH) presented the topic “All Power To Algorithms? Where Robo Advisory stretches its limits”. Furthermore Norman Falkenberg (Executive Manager, conceder GmbH) discussed, among other important industry figures, the topic “Peak Robo – Are Investment Fintechs running out of steam?” on a panel.

Further information can be found here: