concedro supports Girls Hacker-School

Through ZONTA, we support the Hacker School ( and here specifically a format for girls in Hamburg. A GIRLS Hacker School event will take place at a “hotspot school”. The idea is to introduce girls to computer science and programming in a fun and playful way, especially those who come from a socio-economically difficult environment [...]

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Bandsupporter Rhein Main Neckar e.V. – concedro is official sponsor 2022

Bandsupporter offers newcomer bands from the Rhine-Main-Neckar metropolitan region a platform and helps them fairly and free of charge to gain a solid position in the music business, even in these challenging times, and the opportunity to interact with fans. As a sponsor, we help to ensure that artists and bands do not fall into [...]

Bandsupporter Rhein Main Neckar e.V. – concedro is official sponsor 20222022-04-01T10:03:54+00:00

Economic Summit Germany: New Start

concedro as part of the initiative #datavaluethinking supports the Economic Summit Germany. The Economic Summit Germany in the impressive location of SpVgg Greuther Fürth. The organisation team around Mr. Marcel Riwalsky (DA! GmbH) and Mr. Thomas Balgheim (#datavaluethinking) made an event possible, like before Corona. Armin Binsteiner supported the panel with the topic: "The value of [...]

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